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1 September 2008

Victoria BC Ska Society Presents
SubCity Dwellers (Winnipeg), Raygun Cowboys (Edmonton) and your humble servants, who will be taking time off final preparations to enter the studio - more of that in this space later (well, not this exact space, but you know what we mean) - at Lucky Bar in Victoria.

Tickets will move quickly at Lyle's Place, Aces and Spades, Ditch Records & TICKETWEB.CA!

Blurb from the Ska Society:
" When we heard all of these bands were looking to play on the same date at Lucky Bar it became a no brainer to put them all together into a mega party bill full of ska, rockabilly, reggae, punk and celtic music all in one! We're happy to have our friends SubCity Dwellers back again... and we're also happy to have both The McGillicuddys and the Raygun Cowboys all on the same show!"

5 March 2008

Upcoming events:

St. Paddys Day Psycho Ceilidh
The only Saint Patrick's Day party that matters! Featuring celtic-punk chaos from the McGillicuddys - in our 10th year! - with special guest Slim Sandy strumming out the roots rockabilly. Look out for a suprise guest and the return of old friends. As always at Logans pub, and as always be there early to avoid being turned away.

McGillicuddys Seek Higher Education
Well not really. but we will be hitting Felicitas Campus Pub on Saturday March 15th. For one night only, we’ll be transforming the campus pub into an Irish bar just in time to warm up for St. Paddys Day.

See Shows page for more information



4 March 2008

Stork Flys the Coop
Well, after 18 months on the wagon, due to parental responsibilities, we’re happy to announce Jilly will be re-joining the band just in time for our St. Paddy's shows. Yes she’s back off the wagon and ready to bring her accordion back into the mix. This means we’re now back to the classic lineup from when we recorded our last CD. So, if you’ve been pining for the blissful sound of an accordion (no, really) be sure to come to the shows and welcome her back with a drink or seven.

Recording Progress Report
Speaking of recording, we’ve been working on a number of new songs, and giving them a work over with some demo recording. After St.Paddys we’ll be refining the tunes and finally getting back into the studio to record a new full-length CD. We’re hoping to release this by this summer or early fall, so stay tuned.

See Shows page for more information



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"Leaving of Liverpool" video
We're making our video of the "leaving of Liverpool" available to those of you who couldn't get your mitts on Retch Records' World Wide Noise Attack DVD. Click on the image to play the QuickTime movie.

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