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June 8, 2013: 5-Fifty-5 Party - Mike Walker Punk Rawker's 50th Birthday!!!, Victoria BC.
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Upcoming Shows Announced:

June 8, 2013: Mike Walker Punk Rawker's 50th Birthday!!! 5 Fifty-5 Party: 5 Bands, 50 Years for $5

RSVP: Facebook
It’s the one and only 5-Fifty-5 party (5 bands, Fifty years for $5), featuring the McGillicuddys, The Resistance, Goon Squad and with special appearances by Big Whiskey and the Green Men.

The Bad Guys are back! Johnny, Mikey, Marky and Gary will be Hijacking you back to 1986! We won’t be taking any Liberties, and you’re guaranteed to not get a Raw Deal (sorry). Expect tunes from the classic “Irresistible” demo, the “Raw Deal” EP and ungreased gems and surprises. A Total blast from the past!!!

Good Squad:
Bassmaster Open E Ran-D and DJ Ice Fresh Mike-E are coming out of retirement to lace ‘em up one more time. Old Time hockey! Sadly, it looks like the Big Cow has gone to the pasture in the sky, but we’ve still got Joe T laying down the beats on Dr Rhythm. That’s right; the mighty Goon Squad is in the motherfucking house. Drink beer, play hockey.

Big Whiskey:
Paddy’s back for one Big Whiskey for the road! Expect sad tales of working at the shoe store (poor Paddy), happy drinkin’ tunes (happy Paddy) - and no, we still won’t play Brennan on the God damned Moor, so there! Five shots of Celtic rockin’ Big Whiskey to kick start your liver!

The Green Men:
Mick and Ewan Green will be dragged out of the pub and thrust on to the stage one last time. To be fair, we told them there was a Whiskey sale on.
Manager at Swans: “You gave them how many free whiskeys?”
Manager at Irish Times after the first night: “Uh sorry, we’ve got someone else booked, so we won’t need you for the next few nights after all. Oh, and we’re not paying you either.”
Tony Kane: “This really is the Rock’n’roll Swindle! I don’t know how you managed it.”

Saturday June 8, 2013 at Logan’s Seniors Residence of the Damned.

Doors at 9 PM, first band at 9:30. $5 at the door - even the cover is old school! You might wat to get there early, as this is a special night and will likely sell out.


May 19, 2013: McGillicudys at the Victoria Highland Games

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See Victoria: Highland Games Association

McGillicuddys will be playing on the entertainment stage at Victoria's 150th annual Highland Games at Topaz Park. The games include Highland dance competitions, pipe competitions, heavy games, sheep herding (don't go there), food, Scottish and Celtic vendors, AND the beer garden which opens at 11:00 AM (we thought you'd want to make a note of that). There'll be caber tossing and hammer throwing, men and women in kilts, haggis hurling, and did we mention a beer garden? For you royal watchers, His Royal Highness The Duke of York (AKA Randy Andy) will be in attendance as Chief of the Games for the 150th Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival, so lock up your wives and daughters . . . and your mothers, we're guessing. You can bet we'll be keeping a protective eye over Jilly and Lucky.

Sunday May 19 at The Victoria Highland Games, Topaz Park.

Gates 8:00 AM, McGillicuddys play 4:00 PM. For the various admission options check the Admission Prices page.


May 4, 2013: McGillicuddys at the Rat's Nest, with Class of 1984

RSVP: Facebook

The good old Rat's Nest is getting knocked down after all these years, and we're helping closing things out with a bang! From the very first gig around 1985 with No Means No and the Resistance (Mike's old punk band) and continuing on keeping the underground scene alive up to the present, either hosting gigs or as a recording studio - McGillicuddys' first album, 'Kilt by Death' was recorded there - it's gonna be missed. Come join McGillicuddys, the Class of 1984 and a couple of other bands, and remember what real punk was like: basement shows, not mall tattoo shops. BYOB and . . .

Saturday May 4 at the Rat's Nest.

Doors at 9. 5 bucks and a can of food for the food bank at the door. That punk enough for ya?


March 17, 2013: McGillicuddys' St. Paddy's Day Party, featuring DJ Cheey Tiki

RSVP: Facebook

Take the Donegal Express downtown to Lucky Bar for the ONLY St. Paddy’s Party That Matters! McGillicuddys will be bringing the full on Celtic rockin’ psycho ceilidh back to the heart of downtown Victoria, so whether you’re Irish, or Irish for a day, there’s no excuse not to stagger on down and get half a pint of Powers down your neck. Wear green, drink black and don’t forget your silly hats! Our good friend DJ Cheeky O’Tiki will be spinning some awesome tunes to keep the party going non-stop.

Sunday, March 17 at Lucky Bar.

Doors at 8 PM, McGillicuddys start at 9 PM. $10 at the door.

This is an EARLY show, so you’re advised to come early and get well lubricated.

January 25, 2012: Canoe Burns Night Party

RSVP: Facebook
See: Canoe Brewpub Facebook

A man may drink, and no be drunk;
A man may fight, and no be slain;
A man may kiss a bonie lass,
And aye be welcome back again!

Friday, January 25 the Canoe Brewpub's place to be for the McGillicuddys Burns Night Party! No, there's no sale, but plenty of finely crafted ale. There's lassies fair and whisky rare, and . . . oh, never mind.

Wear your kilt if you've got one, but please leave your sheep at home (you know who I'm talking about). The awesome duo of Nathan Roberts and Steve Kelly will be rocking us on the duelling great highland bagpipes for some Caledonian-flavoured tunes, and don't miss the Address to the Haggis or complementary haggis tasting courtesy of the Canoe Pub. Things kick off at 9pm and go 'til we shut the pub down. For you penny pinchers, there's a $5 cover after 9pm, so get there early. Slainte!

October 20, 2012: Timbers Army Pre-Game Party

RSVP: Facebook
See: The Railway Club Website

Saturday October 20, Portland Timbers Army Pre-game Party (Southsiders welcome too!), the night before the big match: Timbers vs. Whitecaps. Special ales from Gigantic (PDX) and Parallel 49 (YVR) in attendance while they last - you snooze, you lose. With Green Flag (Portland Timbers-themed punk from PDX). Expect Celtic punk, footy chants, beer, whiskey and plenty of dancing and singing along. Last year was epic, so don't miss this. If you're not hung over for that match the next day, you're not trying hard enough (you big girl's blouse). Doors: 8:30. Admission: $5/Free with 107ist card.

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CD Reviews

Review - McGillicuddys - Sin Lane (2010)
There is another awesome review of our new CD, Sin Lane, at Celtic Folk-Punk and More.
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The McGillicuddys - Sin Lane
There is a review of the new McGillicuddys CD, Sin Lane, in the current issue of Absolute Underground: Vol.6-#2-Issue 32-Feb./Mar.2010.
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New McGillicuddys CD "Sin Lane" OUT NOW!!!

It's been a long time coming, but McGillicuddys' brand new CD, Sin Lane is now officially released. We'll be providing more details about the new disk, so keep your eyes glued to this space. For now, you can check out the complete track list below. Sin Lane is currently available from the band and at gigs, and will be available very soon from the Store page of this site so you can get your very own copy by mail order.

Sin Lane features nine band-new McGillicuddys original songs, Richard Thompson's 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, the Nips' Gabrielle, and The Banks of the Roses (Traditional).

Complete Track List:
1. Ferry to the Smoke
2. Calgary, 11:35
3. Thinking of You
4. The Banks of the Roses
5. Gabrielle
6. The Siren’s Drone
7. Bones
8. A Hard Way
9. Glory-O
10. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
11. Valencia (Three Miles to Cape Beale)
12. Last Round in Lacombe
13. We'll be Coming Down the Road


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