11 September, 2005
Breaking news: we've just realized that Nelson BC has it's own brewery and, unfortunately, Fernie doesn't, so we will be moving our show for Friday, September 16 to Finleys Irish Bar and Grill, THE place to party in Nelson. Apologies to the folk in Fernie—maybe have a word with your promoter over there (ahem). We're very much looking forward to seeing all our friends in Nelson, so nice one Finleys!

6 September, 2005

Welcome and What's Happening
Greetings and salutations! We've managed to drag ourselves out of the pub and down to the basement, and we're well and truly back at it again. There's a new face on the bass (no, we haven't taken up rapping), some new shows to announce and a couple of new recording projects. With Ian's footie comeback cut tragically short, the van's brakes sorted out and the arrival of a new member, the band is back, ready and raring to go. You can find all the details below, and we'll see you at one of our upcoming shows.

One Big Whiskey for the Road
Just in from Japan! We'd like to welcome our old comrade Paulina Ortlieb back into the fold. Paulina, who's spent the last few years gallivanting around the orient, while regaling the folks over there about the benefits of a Guinness-based diet, has joined up on bass. Her previous musical honours include the surf-punk Hi Fi Ramblers, as well as being along for the ride in the Celtic-Punk train wreck Big Whiskey, together with Jilly and Mike. We feel the band has truly not sounded better, and we're all very excited about getting out and doing some shows together.


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And speaking of shows, we have a few new gigs to announce as part of the annual Half-Way to St. Patrick's Day Event. Not that we need an excuse to party, but just in case you do, there it is. So, without further ado, we'd like to cordially invite you to…

The Half-Way to St. Patrick's Day Extend-o Party

Thursday, 15 September 2005
Our first Show since, well since St. Paddy's Day I suppose. We're kicking off the party with a home game at Logan's Pub, so come on out and have a pint or 10 with us! And—shock of the season—you might even get the odd new song or two. Guests are Brentwood punk rockers GFY.


Logan's Pub, 1821 Cook Street, Victoria BC. 250.360.2711. $7

Friday, 16 September 2005
We're taking the party on the road to Finleys Irish Bar and Grill in Nelson, BC. Come down, have dance and drink some of that lovely Nelson Brewing ale. Hell, you could even buy one or two for us—a great way to make friends with the band!

Finleys Irish Bar and Grill, 705 Vernon St. Nelson, BC 250.352.5121.

Saturday, 17 September 2005
We're back for our annual fall bash in Cow Town Alberta, with an night-time of-ages show, and the possibility of an all ager in the evening. It's all going down at the Underground, "home of the cheapest pitchers in Calgary." And if that's not enough to entice you, what is?

The Underground, 733 10th Ave SW Calgary, AB 403.266.6629.

"Leaving of Liverpool" video
We're making our video of the "leaving of Liverpool" available to those of you who couldn't get your mitts on Retch Records' World Wide Noise Attack DVD. Click on the image to play the QuickTime movie.

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Liverpool movie

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